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Our cutting-edge data and deep-tech enabled financial solutions are tailored for business ecosystems and banks including B2B marketplaces. Our goal is to facilitate seamless access to finance for MSMEs, empowering them to efficiently manage their daily trade transactions.

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Meet Our Team

Our leadership team brings extensive expertise in FinTech, Trade Technologies, Data Sciences, AI & ML. Our seasoned leaders bring extensive expertise, driving innovation, fostering growth, and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients and partners. Meet the visionaries behind our success.

Meet our Leadership Team

Ravi Tanniru

Ravi Tanniru

Founder & CEO per

Sandeep Kunkunuru

CTO & Co-Founder per
Amit Singh

Wing Commander Amit Singh

VP – Strategy, Projects and Operations per

Vivek Sivarajan

VP- Engineering per

Pradeep Kumar

Head – Strategic Data Solutions & Analytics per

Meet our Advisory Board

Ashish Agarwal

Ashish Agarwal

Advisor per
Anil Chowdary

Anil Chowdary

Advisor per
Dr Radhakishore P

Dr Radhakishore P

Advisor per
What values ProFinTech is driven by

For us, values are as important as our competencies to achieve the big goals that we have in front of us. These values not only influence our everyday but also give us clarity on how should we do what we have set out for. In every interaction with our clients, business partners and associates, and at every phase of the company growth, we would embody these fundamentals.

We will maintain this upbeat attitude of ‘lets always look at the bright side of everything’, no matter how discouraging the situation would turn, at times.And the spirit of positivity is infectious – it multiplies and binds everyone together as a force.


In an intensely competitive category, we Tech-enthusiasts have to be innovative in our thinking and application of emerging technologies to solve legacy issues. We will continuously think beyond ‘old school thinking and concepts’ and explore newer ways of solving problems. Else, we don’t survive.


Our people are our big assets. We will maintain a Startup like culture which allows our teams to take up a range of challenges and responsibilities. The empowered become better leaders, tomorrow.


The spirit of Innovation emerges out of courageous minds which will question and challenge conventional approaches. We nurture an ecosystem where courage comes naturally to every individual irrespective of their stature. This requires us to act with integrity and consistency at all times.


We remain human when we consciously practice empathy. It is the foundation for strong and respectful relationships – between teams, with our customers and business partners. When we empathize with others, we develop a deeper understanding of them and able to see the world from their perspective. And this is critical as our company is driven by innovative energy. Empathy leads us to something disruptive or never been thought of.

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