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In India, FinTechs like ProFinTech are leading a much-needed transformation through technological innovations and robust tech stack that allows faster access to financial services including lending. ‘Risk management in lending’, is one area where they are making significant strides. By utilizing real-time data and the power of real-time data analytics, Indian FinTechs are

  • strengthening credit assessment processes
  • reducing risks
  • facilitating financial inclusion on a larger scale

What is Real-time data and how do modern lending models use it to improve ‘Risk management in lending’.
Real-time data refers to every piece of data that is constantly updated by borrowers (business enterprises/MSMEs) and available immediately – this data includes transactional data, geolocation data, social media feeds and more. Leveraging this dynamic data, FinTechs can draw insights into borrowers’ financial behaviour, creditworthiness, and default risks, and help Banks & NBFCs make more accurate and faster loan decisions. This is a world of difference form traditional risk management models, which often rely on historical data like past financial statements and credit scores, and fails to capture real time developments or future potential and emerging behaviors.
This is how real-time data is improving risk management in lending :

How superior is ProFinTech’s  approach to ‘Risk management in lending’ :

At ProFinTech, we recognize that the key to effective lending lies not just in assessing the borrower, but in continuously monitoring the finance request itself and the associated transaction data.

Why are we changing the focus – Each finance request comes with its own set of variables—transaction specifics, data collateral, and real-time financial flows. Our cutting-edge platform leverages real-time risk analytics to dynamically track these elements, providing a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of risk at any given moment.

By focusing on the transaction specifics and the data collateral involved in each finance request, ProFinTech enables lenders to make informed decisions based on current and actionable data, rather than outdated historical snapshots.

  1. Data led Credit decisions from 700+ data points

ProFinTech’s Credit Bazaar is a highly contextualized and data-enriched financing platform which deeply embeds within trade ecosystems and collects real-time signals for an MSME’s operational and financial status. This helps our finance partners make accurate, faster credit decisions (fully evaluated on the risk parameter) and expand their loan disbursement coverage. It enables 

  1. End-to-end visibility across the trade cycle

ProFinTech’s Credit Recommendation Engine (CRE) provides comprehensive visibility across trade stages – from pre trade activities like Purchase Order Generation and Order Confirmation to post-trade processes including Payment Processing and Dispute Resolution.

  1. Advanced & Dynamic Risk assessment with rich datasets

ProFinTech’s Credit Recommendation Engine (CRE) is designed with capabilities to synthesize vast datasets at each trade stage : 

  • Extensive Data Utilization: From GST filings and ERP systems to transportation logs, e-invoices, E-way Bills, GRN, Warehouse Receipts , Fastag, Shipment , Transportation ,QC, Defaults & Settlements and beyond, CRE harnesses data to create detailed profiles that highlight creditworthiness, potential risks, and opportunities for each borrower.
  • Predictive Analytics & Adaptive Learning: Our AI models leverage historical and real-time data to predict future trends, adapting to market conditions for consistently relevant risk assessments.
  • Advanced Graph Analytics: By mapping the complex web of transactions and relationships, our graph analytics reveal insights into network dynamics, fraud detection, and customized risk assessments.

As you can see, at ProFinTech, we are bringing the future of real-time risk management today and transforming lending into a safer, more responsive and data-driven industry.

Connect with us to know more about our lending model and our approach to dynamic risk assessment with rich datasets.  

Credit :  Sandeep’s LinkedIn post
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